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A+ Guitars & Bluegrass Instruments

12020 Eastgate Blvd.
Mt. Juliet, TN 37122
Business Type: Manufacturer

Plucked / Fretted Instruments: A+ Resonator Back 5 String Banjo, A+ Open Back 5 String Banjo, A+ 5 String Travel Banjo, A & F Style Mandolin

Allen Guitars & Luthier Supplies

PO Box 1883
Colfax, CA 95713
Business Type: Wholesaler/Distributor

Accessories: Tailpieces Luthier Supplies Woods and Services
Plucked / Fretted Instruments: Allen Cast Mandolin

Amati's Fine Instruments and Amahi Ukuleles

7605 Production Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45237
Contact: Michael Schear, President
P: (888) 262-8471
P: (513) 679-7747
F: (513) 679-7746
    Business Type: Wholesaler/Distributor, Manufacturer

    Brass Instruments: Amati Winds
    Bowed Instruments: Amati, Ming Jiang Zhu, Sacconi Strad
    Accessories: FOM, Hamilton Music Stands, Dominant Rosin, Pops Bass Rosin, Bernadel Rosin, Larsen Rosin, RDM Rosin, Amahi Ukulele Straps, Amahi Ukulele Cases.
    Plucked / Fretted Instruments: Amahi Ukuleles, Snail Ukuleles, Penguin Ukuleles, Rainie Ukuleles,

    American Way Marketing, LLC

    Wholesale distributor of quality musical instrument accessories including All Cass, BG France, Blue Juice, Claude Lakey, FibraCell, Legere, Meyer/Otto Link, MTS, Mutec, Neotech, Richards Reeds, Rovner, Runyon, Tom Crown, Ultra Pure, Yamaha and home of Superslick, FAXX and 1st Lesson. Your source for private labeled and custom packaged musical instrument accessories.
    400 Pine Creek Court
    Elkhart, IN 46516
    P: (574) 295-6633
      Business Type: Wholesaler/Distributor, Manufacturer

      Marching Percussion: Marching Care Kits, FAXX Plastic Brasswind Mouthpieces, Mouthpiece Pouches, Chopsaver & Musicians 1st Choice Lip Balm, Marching Lyres, Flip Folders and Gloves
      Retail Displays & Business Products / Services: Your Source for Private Labeling, Custom Components and Custom Packaging. Let us help you support your Store/Brand with private labeled components and custom packaging!
      Brass Instruments: Brasswind Accessories: Mouthpieces (FAXX, Yamaha, Schilke, Jet-Tone, Denis Wick, Warburton, Mutec), Mutes (FAXX, Mutec, Yamaha, Harmon, Jo-Ral, Tom Crown,SaxMute, Denis Wick), Brass Lubricants (Superslick, Al Cass, Ultra Pure, Hetman, Blue Juice, Roche-Thomas, Alisyn, Bio Oil, Yamaha), Valve Guards, Bow Protectors & Slide Savers, Lyres, Marching Lyres & Flip Folders, Instrument Stands (K&M, Hamilton), Music Stands & Lights, BERP & Warburton Embouchure Trainers, Straps and Harnesses (Neotech, FAXX), Mouthpiece Pouches, MTS Cases, Case Tags, Maintenance/Care Kits (Superslick, Reka, Yamaha), Cleaning Swabs (Superslick, BG, Hodge, Yamaha), Cleaning Brushes & Snakes, Polish Cloths (Superslick, Blitz), Valentino Repair Items, Mouthpiece Pullers, Lip Protectors, Mouthpiece Pouches
      Woodwinds: Woodwind Accessories: Mouthpieces (FAXX, AWM, 1st Lesson Econo), Meyer, Otto Link, Babbitt, BARI, Guy Hawkins, Wolfe Tayne, Portnoy, Yamaha, Claude Lakey, Warburton, Ted Johnson, RS Berkeley, Vandoren, Rico), Mouthpiece Cushions (BG, FAXX), Ligatures (Rovner, BG, FAXX, Amplate, Rico, Vandoren), Mouthpiece Caps, Cane Reeds (FAXX, 1st Lesson, Rico, Hemke, Lavoz, Lurie, Vandoren, FAXX, MARCA), Synthetic Reeds (Legere, BARI, Fibracell, Bravo), Double Reeds (FAXX, Emerald, Richards, Jones, Meason, Legere), Straps (Neotech, FAXX), Instrument Stands (K&M, Hamilton), Music Stands & Lights, Palm & Side Key Risers, Key Clamps, MTS Cases, Case Tags, Maintenance/Care Kits (Superslick, Reka, Yamaha), Cleaning Swabs (Superslick, BG, Hodge, Yamaha), Cleaning Brushes & Snakes, Polish Cloths (Superslick, Blitz), Valentino Repair Items, Mouthpiece & Pad Savers, Pad Paper, Lip Protectors, Reed Cases
      Bowed Instruments: String Accessories: Strings (Red Label, Sensicore, Pinnacle, Old Fiddler, Dominant, Black Diamond, D'Addario), String Adjusters, Bows (Glasser), Shoulder Rests & Pillow Pads (Muco, Artino, Motrya, Kun, Superslick) , Chin Rests, Bridges, Mutes, Humidifiers, Rosin (Superslick, Clarity, Supersensitive), Luthiers Choice Peg Compound, Luthiers Choice Wood Polish, Fingerboard Tape, End Pin Holders, MTS Cases, Case Tags
      Percussion Instruments: Bell & Percussion Items, Drumsticks & Mallets, Recorders (Yamaha, Tudor, Narragansett, 1st Note), Kazoos, Slide Whistles, Fifes
      Accessories: Your Source for Brass, Woodwind & String Instrument Accessories. Manufacturer & Principal Distributor of all SUPERSLICK, FAXX & 1st LESSON Products Elkhart IN, USA
      Plucked / Fretted Instruments: Select Guitar Care Kits and Accessories

      AP International

      5044 Industrial Rd. Unit D
      Wall Township, NJ 07727
      Business Type: Wholesaler/Distributor

      Traditional Folk Instruments: Kahuna Ukuleles
      Racks, Cases & Stands: ProRockGear Gigbags, Cases, Racks and Stands
      Accessories: Floyd Rose Tremolos, Parts & Upgrades, ProRockGear Accessories, Babicz Full Contact Hardware, Power Pins Acoustic Guitar Stringing System, KTS Tone Resonant Titanium, Schaller Instrument Components and Accessories
      Effects & Pedals: Nobels Guitar Pedals
      Plucked / Fretted Instruments: Floyd Rose International and Discovery Series Guitars, Brubaker Brute Series Basses, R&B Guitars and Basses, Kahuna Ukuleles

      Augustine Strings

      161 South Macquesten Parkway 1st Floor
      Mt. Vernon, NY 10550
      Business Type: Manufacturer

      Accessories: Hal Leonard, Inc. (Exclusive U.S. Distributor)
      Plucked / Fretted Instruments

      AweSome Musical Instruments

      P.O. Box 1
      Detroit, MI 48164
      Business Type: Manufacturer

      Accessories: AweSome Pickup Switch Upgrade(tm) products
      Plucked / Fretted Instruments: AweSome Musical Instruments

      AweSome Musical Instruments, LLC

      P.O. Box 1
      Detroit, MI 48174
      Business Type: Manufacturer

      Effects & Pedals
      Plucked / Fretted Instruments

      Beard Guitars, LLC

      21736 Leitersburg Pike
      Hagerstown, MD 21742
      Business Type: Wholesaler/Distributor, Manufacturer

      Associations / Organizations: IBMA, NAMM
      Pro Audio / Sound Reinforcement: Fishman
      Traditional Folk Instruments: Beard®, Deco Phonic® by Beard
      Accessories: Legend Cone, Legend Tone, Fishman, Wave Capo, Beard Steels Beard Parts and accessories.
      Print Music: Mel Bay, Mike Witcher, Jim Heffernan, Leroy Mack, Mike Auldridge
      Effects & Pedals: Fishman Jerry Douglas Aura
      Videos / DVD: Mike Auldridge Instructional, Leroy Mack Instructional. Jim Heffernan Instructional, Mel Bay, Mike Witcher
      Amplifiers: Fishman
      Plucked / Fretted Instruments: Beard®, Deco Phonic® by Beard®, Gold Told Paul Beard Signature Resonator Guitars, Basses

      Bedell Guitars

      61573 American Loop
      Bend, OR 97702
      Business Type: Manufacturer

      Plucked / Fretted Instruments: Bedell, Breedlove

      Benedetto Guitars, Inc

      10 Mall Terrace Suite A
      Savannah, GA 31406
      Business Type: Manufacturer

      Plucked / Fretted Instruments: Benedetto

      Bill Lawrence Pickups

      862 Muirlands Vista Way
      La Jolla, CA 92037
      Business Type: Manufacturer

      Accessories: Bill Lawrence Pickups
      Plucked / Fretted Instruments: Swampkaster Guitars

      Black Mountain Instruments

      210 Champagne W
      Calistoga, CA 94515
      Business Type: Manufacturer

      Plucked / Fretted Instruments: Black Mountain Instruments, Paper Tune Dulcimers, Black Mountain Dulcimers

      Bohemian Guitars

      2144 Hills Ave
      Atlanta, GA 30318
      Business Type: Manufacturer

      Plucked / Fretted Instruments: Bohemian Guitars

      Bootleg Guitars

      3635 Perkins Ave STE 1D
      Cleveland, OH 44114
      Business Type: Manufacturer

      Plucked / Fretted Instruments: Bootleg Guitars and Basses

      Born To Rock Design Incorporated

      51 Ryan Drive
      West Hurley, NY 12491
      Business Type: Manufacturer

      Bowed Instruments: BORN TO ROCK, 496BOW
      Media & Software: BORN TO ROCK, ROCKSTER
      Accessories: BORN TO ROCK
      Amplifiers: BORN TO ROCK
      Plucked / Fretted Instruments: BORN TO ROCK, F4c, F4b, 496ROC


      5100 S. Eastern Avenue
      Los Angeles, CA 90040
      Business Type: Wholesaler/Distributor, Manufacturer

      DJ & Lighting Equipment: Roland, BOSS, AIRA
      Percussion Instruments: Roland
      Accessories: Roland, BOSS
      Effects & Pedals: Roland, BOSS
      Amplifiers: Roland, BOSS
      Plucked / Fretted Instruments: Roland

      Boulder Creek Musical Instruments, LLC

      5810 Obata Way Suite #1
      Gilroy, CA 95020
      Business Type: Manufacturer

      Plucked / Fretted Instruments: Boulder Creek Acoustic Guitars, Acoustic/Electric Guitars, Acoustic/Electric Basses, and Ukuleles (Riptide Series - Acoustic & Acoustic/Electric)

      Breedlove Stringed Instruments

      61573 American Loop
      Bend, OR 97702
      Business Type: Manufacturer

      Plucked / Fretted Instruments: Breedlove Acoustic Guitars, Acoustic/Electric Guitars, Mandolins, Acoustic Basses

      C.F. Martin & Co, Inc.

      510 Sycamore St.
      Nazerath, PA 18064
      Business Type: Manufacturer

      Accessories: Martin Strings, Vega and Darco Strings
      Plucked / Fretted Instruments: Martin Guitars